Important 12th electronics CRASH COURSE starts on 03 December, daily at 4PM. Contact for details.Exam Season 12th electronics revision batch: 10th January, 2016 at 4PM. Contact for details.Downloads Free downloads available on notice board.Robo Newly designed programs of robotics.


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We teach students how to learn! Check our complete notes & study material of 11th-12th Electronics, Computer Science, EM. Short term courses in basic & advanced robotics from 8th standard onwards upto engineering level.


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Q PapersDownload high difficulty level test papers of 12th std. electronics: Objective Test on Instruments | Objective Test on Number Systems | Objective Test on Power Supply | Objective Test on Opamp | More question papers of 12th bifocal electronics |

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Quality education in XI & XII bifocal electronics, basic & advanced robotics, computer science and electrical maintenance
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Discussions, guidelines and regular updated related to XI & XII Bifocal Electronics

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Details about the workshop & courses, regular updates for our students

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Most useful downloads for our students of robotics & bifocal electronics

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GK Corner

Test your GK in the subjects of 11th & 12th bifocal electronics and robotics

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Great Achievements

Album of our students who achieve great success in electronics & robotics

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Students Projects

Collection of projects built by our teachers & students for school-college levels

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We expertise in bifocal electronics & robotics!


XI & XII Electronics Coaching

Every year our fresh batches of XI & XII bifocal electronics coaching start on 20th July. The students can register for admission. Theory sessions are conducted on weekdays. Practical sessions on Saturdays. Expert coaching with complete notes, regular test series, practical demonstration of important topics. Revision batch on 10th of January every year. Remember, without learning the basic syllabus of XI standard, you cannot prepare the study of XII standard for HSC board examination. Know more


Certified Robotics

Join our one day workshop or short term courses (7-10 days). Learn the hardware of robotics, how to design your own robotic programs, how to control your robot. Get certified in robotics from Vidyasagar Academy. Our short term robotic courses are very popular among the students from 7th standard to engineering level. We provide FREE multipurpose robotic kit and notes with every course. Join us and learn the fascinating and innovative logic of robotics and industrial automation...!
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Distance Learning Programme

Since last two years we started this programme for the students living far away from us. We provide three types of DLP: XI & XII bifocal electronics, computer science and short term robotics courses (excluding our robotics workshop). Now you can learn, just sitting in the comforts of your home through DLP. Either you can buy our study material or complete distance learning course.

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Easy to learn notes, study material, video lectures

We have large collection of easy to understand complete notes, study material including solved/unsolved question papers, problems booklets, practical booklet, useful guidelines, etc. Every notes contains details about the topic with neat diagrams, summery, exercises, short/long answer questions and many more...!

  • 11th & 12th Electronics study material is available. Place your order and relax. It contains everything for your "self study". We also provide free online support through our website. Check details | Place your order
  • 12th Fisheries (FWFC) study material is available now. Easy language and systematically explained topics makes these notes very easy to understand and study, with online support. Check details | Place your order
  • 11th & 12th MCVC Electronics Notes coming soon....! Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates.
  • 12th Computer Science study material is available now. Easy language and systematically explained topics makes these notes very easy to understand. Join us for online support. Check details | Place your order
  • 11th & 12th Electrical Maintenance study material is available now. Easy language and systematically explained topics makes these notes very easy to understand, with online support. Check details | Place your order
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We design accurate & reliable experimental kits


Laboratory Experimental Kits

"Accurate Readings Perfect Setup" is the key feature of our experimental kits. We design the kits as per your requirement for the subjects like Electronics, Electrical & Computer Science, MCVC Electronics & Electrical, Engineering & Polytechnic Experiments.

  • Hand made kits to give personal touch
  • Up to 98% accuracy in readings
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  • High quality spare parts

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XII Class Notes

Rs.1800 Bifocal Electronics

  • Complete notes (Paper-1 & 2)
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XII Class Notes

Rs.2000Bifocal Computer Science

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Bifocal Electronics Video Lectures

We have prepared the video lectures for the students of 11th & 12th bifocal electronics. These lectures are delivered by our expert faculty in electronics and robotics, Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is the study material useful for me?

If you are the student of bifocal vocational subject in XI or XII standard, like in bifocal electronics, computer science, fisheries, electrical maintenance, etc. then our study material, notes and other will be most useful for the SELF PREPARATION of the subject. All the notes, test papers, practical booklets, solved unsolved problems booklets are fully revised. They will be perfect for your college exam of XI standard and HSC Board exam of XII standard.

Is it necessary to purchase it in XI std?

No matter you are learning in either XI std. or XII std., we always recommend to purchase our COMPLETE STUDY MATERIAL which includes, the entire syllabus of both years. This is because, the topics of XII std. are connected with the basic concepts of XI std. syllabus. Unless you read and understand the concepts you won't be able to do proper self preparation of the subject. So it is better to purchase our complete study material. And yes! It is available in discounted rates.

How'll you solve my difficulties?

We are always ready to help students! First we recommend to read the study material, as per schedule provided on this link. If you come across any difficulty, you can contact our relevant faculties through our contact us form, only. We will redirect your query as fast as possible to the concerning faculty. Depending on the level of your difficulty, the faculty will either call you or reply to your query through email.

What about your video lectures?

We provide FREE video lectures for 11th standard bifocal electronics. However, the 12th standard video lectures are currently under development, may take some time to publish. Watch 11th video lectures now.