Ten important facts that you must know about bifocal electronics

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Complete set of 12th standard electronics notes

Complete set of 12th standard electronics notes

It is a general attitude of a student, that he/she considers bifocal vocational electronics as secondary. But its not true! If you learn the subject conceptually and systematically, then only you will be able to grasp the syllabus contents and prepare it for best possible scoring…! So what are facts about bifocal electronics? Just read on…


  1. This subject is purely an applied science subject and hence practicals must be performed by the student in his/her college.
  2. You can understand the theory of the subject quite well, if you really perform the practical experiments.
  3. The entire syllabus of 11th & 12th bifocal vocational electronics is useful in any branch of engineering.
  4. By studying this subject, you can learn the hardware of computer science, which is very useful for making bright career in hardware engineering.
  5. Studying this subject, the student get good enough knowledge of electrical branch as well.
  6. The subject is equally useful for the students going for IT engineering and Computer Engineering.
  7. The students of bifocal electronics can make great career in Robotics Engineering (taking major as robotics, embedded systems or system automation as Major) after completing B.E. or B.Tech. i.e. going of M.E. or M.Tech.
  8. Systematic study of 11th & 12th bifocal vocational electronics syllabus creates great confidence in a student if he takes admission in Communication Electronics (E & TC), Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, since these branches are the hottest i.e. most demanding branches of engineering.
  9. Since the subject is divided into two parts: Applied Electronics & Digital Electronics, the student gets vast knowledge related to industrial technology, medical technology, measuring instruments, instrumentation engineering, communication electronics, basic binary science, logical analysis of digital circuits and memory architecture of computer hardware. All this is systematically and beautifully included in the most interesting syllabus of this subject.
  10. This course has 200 marks in HSC boards examination. Also the student passed in 12th electronics can replace the marks of Chemistry subject by Electronics to secure admission in engineering college. However, we suggest to check for the facility of replacing marks of Chemistry with Electronics for current admission process. See below given comments.

So I think, its the best possible alternative to learn in modern technology education. I will suggest you to read following articles written by me to clear up your ideas about this subject in details.

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    January 10, 2018, 3:18 PM

    Is Bifocal Really Helpful For Students Going For BSc,MSc In Physics For Their Future work as in Research Field.

    • DSV

      January 10, 2018, 6:00 PM

      Yes of course!
      If you take bifocal electronics in 11-12th i.e. 10+2 patterrn, then its syllabus will be helpful throughout up to M.Sc. Physics, Computer science, Electronics.

  • Rajeev Pradhan

    July 13, 2016, 3:37 PM

    You can’t use bifocal marks instead of Chemistry marks. I have not heard of it in any eng. college including CoEP.

    • VSAcademy

      July 13, 2016, 4:02 PM

      As per this news in 14 June, 2013, this was actually facilitated during the admissions procedure.
      After that the things went different and that this criterion might have been terminated.
      So we advise you to check it, first before applying any action on this.
      Thanks for pointing out.