Submit idea to National Innovation Foundation

Being the teacher of 11th and 12th standard, I would like to suggest to the students upto 12th standard to submit their ideas at National Innovation Foundation.

Actually being a teacher I am aware, myself that NIF considers ideas/innovations of people from unorganised sector with little/no formal education or professional/technical training and from the students upto standard 12th.

But being a teacher, I have witnessed many such students, who ask such a great tricky questions to me right from standard 8th onwards. I try to give them maximum possible help, through practical and theory, and always try to explain things why it is so, the way it is…!

I was always in search of such platform like the NIF itself which would be beneficial to such students. So herewith I strongly suggest to write down the details of your innovative ideas in a MS Word file, with relevant photographs, etc. Then make a .pdf file of the document and visit the following link to submit your ideas to NIF at the given link. This will surely give you a good start and it will also provide you enough exposure in this technical world.

Submit idea

Since the foundation is run by Government of India, it will also help you get national recognition and further help. Read more about it. Please remember, that this post is published only to suggest the students about this platform. Vidyasagar Academy will not provide any technical help in the development of students’ own ideas, since it will be beyond the rules and regulations of NIF.

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  • Jaee

    November 23, 2015, 4:54 PM

    Appreciate it for helping out, great information.