Starting fresh new batch of advanced robotics using 8051 microcontroller

The fresh new batch of Advanced Robotics using 8051 microcontroller family will start from 26.10.16 to 29.10.2016, one and half hour daily. Another batch will also start on 5.11.2016 for the students who may not attend to our 26th October batch due to Diwali Vacation, etc.

Fees: Rs. 2100/- 

Daily time: 5.45pm

The above given fees includes, 8051 (AT89S52) Development Board and USBasp programmer.

Any student of the Level 2 batch (who learnt on ATMega8/16) can join advanced robotics batch i.e. Level 3.

Please Note: The students who want to join this batch MUST confirm their admission with Fees, before 10.10.2016 by meeting Vidyasagar Sir, personally. This is very important, because we will order same number of 8051 development boards.