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Arduino Toggle Switch with LED

The toggle action is just like a lock. So in this circuit, when you press the switch (and then release within a short time) the LED is switched on and remains on for infinite time…

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Arduino: Accurate Distance Measurement

With the help of this project you will be able to measure highly accurate distances using Ultrasonic Sensor. Here please note that the two formulas for centimeters and inches are precisely calibrated and you must not change the values given in the formulas. For any difficulty, please contact our expert faculty in Arduino. Connect the…

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Arduino UNO: Ultrasonic Sensor Basic Project

With this project you will be able to control an LED and a buzzer connected to your Arduino UNO. The detailed connection diagram is given below: Lab Tested Code The lab tested code is given below. You can also download the text file of this code. Copy the complete code and then paste it into…

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LCD Arduino connection diagram

Arduino: Basic LCD Display Messaging

You can display two different messages on 16×2 LCD display using Arduino UNO dev. board. For that you need to do the proper connections

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Arduino: Basic Servo Control

With this code, you will be able to control simple servo motor using Arduino UNO. Connect the servo motor as shown below, with your Arduino UNO dev. board…

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Fading LED with Arduino

Arduino: Fading LED

This program will give you the control of changing the brightness of externally connected LED to your Arduino UNO dev. board.

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