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XII Electronics Solved Problems Booklet

Step by step explanation, with each and every step for calculation is given. Selected problems from HSC Board Papers. Systematically written solved unsolved problems booklet. All 6 chapters: Instruments, Power Supply, Transducer, Operational Amplifier, Communication Electronics, Study of Integrated Circuits; are covered. This booklet contains selected and regular problems asked in HSC Board examination of…

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XI-XII Electronics Free Downloads

Download for free, the practical booklets, question papers, open book tests, HSC Board guessing papers, latecomer students guidelines, and many more. HSC Board Exams are nearing…! So following important information about 12th Standard Electronics will be helpful to you. First download the revised syllabus of 12th Electronics for your current board examination.Understand the 12th electronics…

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Guidelines for 12th Electronics Latecomer Students

Best article for the lazy students who just started the study of XII Standard Electronics (Subject: C2). Don’t miss it…! Read it completely! You will definitely find it very helpful…!– Vidyasagar Academy This article of “Best tips and guidelines for latecomer students of 12th standard” is for the students who think that… I have not…

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HSC Board Paper SolutionsPrice: Rs.500/-

12th Electronics HSC Board Solutions Paper-1

These notes are the part of our 12th std. Electronics Complete Notes Set (Subject: C2 i.e. Bifocal Electronics) HSC Board Paper Solutions of last 5 years.The author of this notes teaches this subject since 28 years. Price: Rs. 1600/- (Single Notes)  Plus Rs.300 courier charges. You will receive neatly packed parcel of this notes, within 3 days…

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XI-XII Electronics Practical Experiments with Readings

HSC Board prescribed experiments of 11th-12th bifocal vocational electronics. Every experiment contains name, aim, apparatus, circuit diagram, procedure, observation table with readings, formula, calculations, pin configuration and specifications of components used and conclusion. Download Practical Booklet Paper-1Download Practical Booklet Paper-2 Are you a student of Vidyasagar Academy? Contact us to get the discount code, of…

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Both Sets of 11-12th Electronics Notes Complete

12th Electronics Notes Complete Set (Subject: C2)

Learn 12th electronics in the comforts of your home! Use our complete study material with simple notes, solved-unsolved problems booklet, HSC board paper solutions, practical booklets with readings and easy online support for your difficulties.

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