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Online Registration Form 2018-20

Online Registration Form for all types of courses conducted at Vidyasagar Academy, Akola

Batch Details

Fresh Batch for HSC Board Exam March 2020 (starting on 10 August 2018)
- if you join this batch late, we will cover your previous topics

Latecomers Batch for HSC Board Exam March 2020 (from 20 Jan. to 10 Aug. 2019)

Latecomers Fast Batch for HSC Board Exam March 2019 (from 15 Jan. to 10 Mar. 2019)

Repeaters Batch (starts on 10 January every year)

Kota & Other Students Batch (starts on 10 January every year)

Please note that you have to attend this batch regularly at our tuition hall
You can take admission to our Advanced Course, if...

  • You know basics of HTML, Java & CSS - We shall take your small test before admitting to Advanced Course
  • You have already completed our Basic Course

Please also know more about the course requirements given on this page, before taking online admission.

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Contact No.: 99-60-991-991
Address: Vidyasagar Academy, Ranpise Nagar,
Near 12-Jyotirling Temple, Akola – 444 001, M.S. India

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