Online Test: Semiconductors & Diodes

This is very important test for the students of 11th standard. The questions asked in this test are based on 11th standard Physics and Electronics syllabus. Many of these questions are regularly asked in JEE main and Advanced examinations. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then this test will be help you understand important basic concepts in Semiconductor Physics.

The correct answers will be displayed when you submit the test. The explanation to each answer is also given at the end of the test.

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Note: All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 1 marks. No negative system of marks. Time: 15 minutes.

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1. The conductivity of ____________ is less than conductor but greater than insulator.


2. In intrinsic semiconductor the number of holes and electrons is always ________.


3. The ratio of mixing pure Si with either trivalent or pentavalent impurity, to get P or N type of semiconductor, is of the order of –


4. What is the procedure to find out anode and cathode of a diode using ohmmeter? Can you explain it, in brief? Write your answer below in brief. 

5. The region in first quadrant, in characteristics graph of diode, where the anode current is proportional to the applied voltage is called as –


6. The atomic number of Alluminium i.e. the trivalent element is –


7. The atomic number of Silicon is –


8. PN junction diode is used to convert _______ into _______.


9. The forbidden energy gap is absent in ___________ substance.


10. _______________ semiconductor is the type of semiconductor, whose conductivity depends entirely on external temperature.


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