List of experiments: Bifocal Electronics

List of experiments for XI standard

Combined for complete syllabus

  1. Half wave rectifier
  2. Full wave rectifier
  3. Bridge rectifier
  4. Characteristics of PN junction diode
  5. Characteristics of LEDs
  6. Study of electromagnetic relay coil
  7. Study of resistors
  8. Combination of resistors (series and parallel)
  9. Study of LEDs (series and parallel combination)
  10. Study of diodes (series and parallel combination)

List of experiments for XII standard

Paper I experiments

  1. Zener diode load regulation
  2. Zener diode line regulation
  3. LM317 load regulation
  4. LM317 line regulation
  5. Photo relay using LDR (measurement of voltages)
  6. Photo relay using LDR (measurement of currents)
  7. Inverting amplifier using opamp
  8. Non-inverting amplifier using opamp
  9. Inverting adder using opamp
  10. Subtractor using opamp
  11. Inverting integrator using opamp
  12. Inverting differentiator using opamp
  13. Buffer i.e. unity gain amplifier using opamp
  14. Comparator (4-types) using opamp
  15. Schmitt trigger using opamp

List of experiments for XII standard

Paper II experiments

  1. Study of basic gates
  2. Study of De Morgan’s theorem
  3. Study of Ex-OR gate using IC7486
  4. Study of Ex-OR gate using basic gates
  5. RS flip flop using NAND and NOR gates
  6. RS flip flop using IC 7474
  7. Study of Boolean equations using basic gates
  8. Study of diode matrix ROM
  9. Study of NAND as universal building block
  10. Study of NOR as universal building block
  11. Binary ladder using voltage values
  12. Binary ladder using full scale deflection
  13. Study of 4-bit binary adder using IC7483
  14. Study of Multiplexer
  15. Study of demultiplexer
  16. Study of Encoder
  17. Study of Decoder

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