12th Electronics HSC Board Solutions Paper-1

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These notes are the part of our 12th std. Electronics Complete Notes Set (Subject: C2 i.e. Bifocal Electronics)

  • HSC Board Paper Solutions of last 5 years.
  • The author of this notes teaches this subject since 28 years.
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Chapter-wise Content

The solutions with simple answers are given chapter-wise for all the 6 chapters included in the syllabus, as given below.

  • Instruments: CRT, CRO, function generator, DMM
  • DC Power Supplies: HWR, FWR, BR, filters, regulators, 3-terminal ICs
  • Transducers: active/passive transducers, 9 different types of transducers
  • Operational Amplifiers: differential amplifier, characteristics of opamp, why dual power supply is necessary, parameters of opamp, inverting/non-inverting amplifier, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, buffer, comparator, Schmitt trigger, etc.
  • Modern Electronics Communication: elements of communication system, satellite comm., WAN, MAN, LAN; optical fiber comm., facsimile FAX, Cell phone technology, RADAR communication, etc.
  • Study of Integrated Circuits: complete study of IC 555, IC 741 and IC LM 317.

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What does this set contain?

This set contains all the six notes required for the perfect preparation of 12th standard electronics study. With this set the student will be able to score more than 90% marks in HSC Board Examination. The contents are given below.

Applied Electronics Notes

  1. Instruments
  2. DC Power supplies
  3. Transducers
  4. Operational amplifiers
  5. Modern electronics communication
  6. Study of integrated circuits

Digital Electronics Notes

  1. Number systems
  2. Logic gates
  3. Logic families
  4. Combinational logic circuits
  5. Flipflops, Registers & Counters
  6. Analog to digital and digital to analog converters
  7. Computer fundamentals

Board Paper Solutions

It contains the edited, logically thought and systematic solutions, according to Board pattern (Revised upto 2018), for all questions asked in last 5 years HSC Board exam question papers.

Other Study Material

  1. Solved/unsolved problems booklet – Paper-1 (step-by-step solved problems)
  2. Practical booklet Paper-1 (with neat diagrams, procedure, observation tables)
  3. Practical Booklet Paper-2 (with neat diagrams, procedure, observation tables)

The practical booklets covering important experiments with readings, circuit diagrams, procedure, observation tables, brief theory, specifications of components used, etc.

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