Great Achievements of Students (2015)

Fundamental Robotics Course

This year there were hundreds of students who registered their names for our Fundamentals of Robotics Course. The list of all the students can not be displayed here, but some of the students who exhibited outstanding work are as follows…

Janmejay Rathi, a student from 7th standard learnt achieved best skill in robotics logical programming. He also wrote his own programs for ATMega8 robotic kit and now working on bluetooth controlling system. He is very interested to learn advanced robotics using 8051 microcontroller for that he already started working on AT89S52 robotic kit.

Ankita Ugale, a student of 12th Standard, bifocal electronics, completed FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTICS LEVEL-2 COURSE. After working on basic program of AVR, she worked on U turn robot using three IR sensors. She is now working on Scribbler robot together with her other batchmates.

Bharat Bhattad, is another genius student of YRC. He worked on 3-sensors U turning robot and designed his own behaviours for LFR and sound controlled robot, together. Now he is working on MAZE SOLVING ROBOT. He recently started working on US sensors based obstacle avoiding robot and Bluetooth controlled robot.

Shripad Pande, has just completed the exam of 10th and also completed LEVEL-2 course of robotics. He is so enthusiastic in logical programming that he himself designed U-Turn robot program. Now he is working MAZE SOLVING ROBOT. He is now working on advanced robotic coding. He is very sincere in his work.

Atul Bang, has just entered in 8th standard. He completed LEVEL-2 course successfully and designed his own programs of EDGE avoiding robot and DTMF controlling robot, when I gave him some hints only. He is too sharp to grasp the hardware and coding of the kit. We suggested him to first work on the basic coding first and then go for higher level courses.

Vivek Pradhan, he is in 12th and preparing for JEE main, he still interested in robotics. He wrote his own basic programs like EDGE avoiding robot and LFR. We suggested him to work on basic coding and then go for higher level courses.

Vaibhav Khamankar, is also learning in 12th and preparing for JEE main. But he is quite interested in designing his own programs for his kit and did many such programs. He completed the fundamental course with great interest and nice understanding in coding. He designed his own BLFR and else robotic programs.

Shreyas Chandak, is in X standard and he completed our fundamentals of robotics course. He has also participated in our robotics workshop. He designed all the basic programs of robotics like BLFR, WLFR, Obstacle avoider, edge avoider, etc. He is very curious about the coding logic and always interested to work on different complicated logic.

The interested students can register their names for our regular batches of FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTICS COURSE. Click here to know more about it.
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