Dattaraj Vidyasagar: Profile & Biography

I’ve recently been nominated for DOCTORAL DEGREE, in “Electronics Technology Automation in Robotics” from Clevland Institute of Electronics, Ohio, USA.
Recently, I was interviewed by the popular American magazine EEWEB. The interview is published on their website. You can read it on this link.

Be sincere and consistent in your work & duty. Always be ready to help others! Then success itself, will definitely find you! 

Dattaraj Vidyasagar

Long term veteran of applied electronics, robotics & web designing

I like this statement very much. And I try myself to follow it in my life. The way you act on it, will surely make all the difference!

I’ve been teaching bifocal vocational electronics since last 26 years in RLT College of Science, Akola. But before that, long back, from about 1982, (34 years back) I have been also working on applied & hobby electronics and medical electronics instrumentation, etc. So it’s been about 30 years, since, I am working in this field both as a teacher and as an engineer.

My fields of interest are applied electronics, robotics & web designing. I’m an Engineer by education and a sincere student of science & technology. People call me teacher!


Awards of appreciation & Awards of excellence Received from:

  • Award of Excellence by B.G.E.Society, Akola for creation of its website
  • Award of Appreciation by RLT College of Science, Akola; for creation of its website
  • Award of Excellence Social Service by Regional Transport Department (RTO); for designing India’s first traffic light down counter
  • Award of Excellence Social Service by City Kotwali, Akola; for designing electronic mapping system of religious processions in Akola
  • Award of Excellence Social Service by Rotary Club, Lioness Club, Akola
  • Award of Appreciation by Vidarbha Sangeet Academy, Akola; for designing India’s first e-Tanpura

My Social Network

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My Recent Activities

  1. Being a judge I evaluated seminars of students of 8-9th standard on PANCH-TATVA at Kothari Convent and in the robotics events at College of Engineering & Technology, Akola.
  2. Conducting robotic workshops for the students from 7th standard to engineering level. Upto July, 2015 I conducted more than 100 workshops, all over Maharashtra, including Fergusson College, Pune (this single name of the greatest institute is enough).
  3. Conducting short term 7-day courses of FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTICS for the local students. Click here to download the free brochure for more information.
  4. Published two books: “Applied Electronics” for XII Vocational Electronics, ISBN:978-81-924365-5-5 (2013); “Semiconductor Devices & Circuits” for XI Electronics, ISBN:978-81-924365-4-8 (2013); Both books are also available in iBook & Kindle Version for Android & iPhone free reading.
  5. Working on the publication of my video lectures for the students of XI & XII standard bifocal vocational electronics. These lectures in DVD format will be available soon. If you want to purchase its set, you can book your order. Click here to contact me for the same.
  6. I have also written simple and easy to understand notes for the students of XI & XII bifocal electronics students. It contains complete study material and extremely helpful for SELF PREPARATION of the subject. Click here to know more about it and purchase it.

My Academic Designations

  • Chairman of Ad hoc. B.O.S. in (Animation) in Amravati University, Amravati; (Post Graduate Diploma in Animation)
  • Member of Ad hoc. B.O.S. in (Sound Recording) in Amravati University, Amravati; (Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording)
  • Worked as expert consultant for the Ad hoc. B.O.S. in (Bachelor of Fine Arts & Animation) in Amravati University, Amravati; (Post Graduate Diploma in Bachelor of Fine Arts & Animation)
  • Visiting guest faculty in B.G.E. Society’s Smt. S.A. College, Akola; For the course of Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording;Subjects: Physics & Electronics of Sound, Studio Technology & Media, Sound Recording & Reproduction

My Published Papers

  • EXCEL-LENT technological tool for enhancement of quality learning in ‘Analog Electronics and Physics’ for network analysis; International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technology for Enhancing Quality of Science Education at Modern College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Shivaji Nagar, Pune (India): 26-27 Feb, 2015
  • Black Holes: The veiled beauty in space; U.G.C. Sponsored National Conference on “Developing Frontiers of Physics, Astronomy and Space Sciences”, DFPASS-2010, 25th Sept. 2010
  • Fuzzy Logic Methodology: Definite conclusion for vague, inaccurate, indefinite, noisy or even missing information; U.G.C. Sponsored National Conference on “Developing Frontiers of Physics, Astronomy and Space Sciences”, DFPASS-2010, 25th Sept. 2010
  • Implementation of digital memory in home or other call bell systems; Electronics For You, online e-zine, October 1986, Citation Index: 29,
  • More than 10 construction based project papers published in Electronics For You, online e-zine
  • Internal system for RADARs and base stations for monitoring the direction of wind; Electronics For You, online e-zine, July, 1986,Citation Index: 13, Major reference: EFY & Elektor Journal;
  • Testing the maturity of fruit containing carbohydrates and different sugar ingredients with non destructive method of fruit, either on the tree or detached from the tree; (A working research level project conducted under Dr. P.D.K.V. Agricultural Engineering & Technology Department; with Dr. Phirke), Dr. P.D. Agricultural University Journal, 2002

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Electronics Tanpura with 3 Octave tuning levels controlling system and built-in memory customisation of preset tempo, note and sound levels; (Research project, India’s first electronics tanpura, designed under the music guidance of Dr. Shakutai Palsokar and Pt. Aniruddha Khare, inaugurated by Pt. C.R. Vyas, during the year 1994)
  • Electronic and computerized internet Google mapping system for Akola City; (Research project of electronics and internet mapping to maintain the Law & Order during processions and other police activities, designed for Police Department, City Kotwali, Akola, during the year 1999-2000)
  • Pollution control in traffic light control system using digital type down counter display method; (Research project of digital traffic light control system, designed for Akola City Traffic Department, City, Akola, during the year 2003-2004)

CMS designs

I have designed upto 43 websites since last 14 years. I like working with php coding and the WordPress environment.

  1. www.vidyasagarsir.com: My personal website, on which I publish posts for the students.
  2. RLT Science College, www.rltsc.org, designed in 2009
  3. The B.G.E. Society, www.bgesociety.org, designed in 2010
  4. Safe Hands, Akola, www.safehandsakola.org, designed in 2011 (stopped working for this domain)