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How to activate Windows 10 for free?

Follow these simple steps and activate your Windows 10 within a minute. First of all connect your PC to internet. This is very important step. Go to desktop and right click on My Computer icon. Click on Properties and then check, “WINDOWS EDITION” and then below it, “SYSTEM TYPE”. You can install Professional Product Key:…

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Readymade EVS ProjectsPrice: Free

12th Computer Science (D9) HSC Board Papers

Download the previous years HSC Board Question Papers of 12th Computer Science (D9) subject. Paper-1 2014Paper-1 2015Paper-1 2017Paper-1 2018Paper-2 2014Paper-2 2015Paper-2 2018 Searching for 12th Standard Computer Science Complete Notes? Click here to download the notes. Subscribe below, to receive more updates of HSC Board Question Papers. If you are a teacher, then please share…

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Become an Affiliate!

Vidyasagar Academy is looking for associates who are a value-add for our student customers – if you’re a passionate reviewer, related to educational activities, content creator or curator who would like to refer your visitors to the notes and educational study material of Vidyasagar Academy, you may be the right fit. To become an affiliate…

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New XII Electronics Batches started

The fresh new batches of XII electronics started at Vidyasagar Academy. Register your name and join the fresh new batch at the earliest. Within a month, the XI Electronics basic topics will be over and we shall start with the fresh newly revised syllabus of XII electronics.

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Starting New Batches of XI-XII Electronics

Fresh new batches of XI-XII Bifocal Electronics starting from 10th August, 2018. You can register your name online from this link. Fill up the online form and register your name today. Download the brochure for more information.

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National Level Vidyotan TechnoFest 2018 Winner

National Level Vidyotan TechnoFest 2018 Robo Strike of Sipna College won by Krishna Panpaliya – our student of robotics. He stood third in top three ranks. Heartiest congratulations, Krishna…! Vidyasagar Academy is proud of you!

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