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Online Test: Opamp

Introduction of the chapter An operational amplifier (opamp)is a versatile device which can be used to amplify AC as well as DC signals. It is manufactured in the form of integrated circuit package. It can perform different mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, integration,taking the derivative, comparison, etc. Hence it is known as operational amplifier. The…

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Online Test:Transducers

Introduction of the chapter Definition: Transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into another form. There are two types of transducers:active transducer and passive transducer. The active transducer generates its own electrical voltage during conversion. Thus, it does not require any battery supply for conversion(e.g. solar cell, thermocouple etc.). In passive transducer,…

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Online Test: Power Supplies

Introduction DC power supply is very important instrument used in laboratory. All electronic circuits work ONLY on DC power supply.

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Online Test: Instruments

Self preparation test on the 1st chapter of 12th standard electronics syllabus. Give this test to achieve bright success in the HSC Board Examination of this year. After submission of paper, you will get instant result with full explanation. Give your email address below, to receive result with explanation. To prepare this chapter with full…

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Online Test: Semiconductors & Diodes

This is very important test for the students of 11th standard. The questions asked in this test are based on 11th standard Physics and Electronics syllabus. Many of these questions are regularly asked in JEE main and Advanced examinations. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then this test will be help you understand important…

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Online Test Basic Electronics

This is a very important online exam for the students who want to join 11-12th Coaching at Vidyasagar Academy or to test your skill in basic electronics. There are 10 random questions displayed below. Try to solve each of them. If you score more than 40% marks in this exam, you are invited to join…

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