Career in robotics: Why you must learn robotics?

Interested to make good career in robotics? Then this is the correct place for you! Join us either through our workshop or short term robotic courses. Upto 2015, we conducted more than 100 workshops, all over in Maharashtra.

Our workshops on robotics are motivating the students to study the fundamentals of robotics, understand its hardware, the logic behind the behaviour of a robot, and many more.

The understanding of robotics is necessary for the current generation of students. We think robotics is the only option for making best career and after completing higher education, particularly for those students who studied bifocal electronics (or computer science) in XI and XII std.

Click here to read the success stories of our students. How they achieved success in fundamentals of robotics…!

This is because, now a days industrial automation is the fast growing sector where such students can find large opportunities for the better career and for getting huge salaried jobs.


Completely ready kit to begin the study of robotics

But for this it is necessary that the student must learn the fundamentals of robotics right either from 7-8th standard (school level) or at least in 11-12th standard (college level).

So to educate students, we have been conducting robotic workshop all over Maharashtra to educate students and motivate them to accept this challenge of ever growing automation industry of robotics.

Once the student starts learning the FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTICS (our short term course only of 7 days) his confidence is built up about robotic programming and his innovation in logical programming development increases.

If you are a student particularly from Vidarbha, then this is the right place for you start up with a short term course or attend our robotic workshop at your city.

To read the details of our workshop and courses, please click here. It will surely help the students to make a bright career in higher education in robotics and else.

You can check the fast growth in industrial automation by watching these videos:
» Robots working in car company
» Car Painting Robots
» iRobot Brva, the mopping robot
» The ball mopper

Robotics in M.E. or M.Tech. in India

  1. M.S. University, Baroda, conducts a master’s programme with specialization in automation control and robotics.
  2. The Institute of Technology under the Banaras Hindu University conducts M.Tech. Production
  3. The Centre for Robotics and Mechatronics at IIT-Kanpur offers a master’s programme in Robotics Engineering.
  4. Jadavpur University, Kolkata – 700032, offers M.E. Robotics.
  5. The University of Hyderabad offers M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
  6. University College of Engineering under Osmania University, Hyderabad, offers M.E. / M.Tech. In Automation and Robotics.
  7. SASTRA, Thanjavur, affiliated to Bharatidasan University, offers a course in artificial intelligence at the Bachelor of Engineering degree-level.
  8. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani – 333031, offers M.E. in Computer Science with robotics as a subject.
  9. Engineering/ Industrial Management Engineering with Robotics and Automation as electives.
  10. Thapur Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala- 147004, conducts M.E. in CAD/ CAM and Robotics.
  11. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Prasanthi Nilayam offers M.Tech. Computer Science with specialisation in artificial intelligence. It is closely associated with robotics.
  12. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, conducts M.Tech. Mechanical with robotics as an elective subject.
  13. SRM institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Kancheepuram district, offers M.Tech. Robotics.
  14. The Department of Electronics under the Cochin University of Science and Technology offers M.Sc. Electronic Science with specialization in artificial intelligence, robotics, microwave electronics and computer technology. First-class B.Sc. degree holders with not less than 60 per cent aggregate marks in electronics / computer science / physics (with electronics) are eligible for admission. Selection is based on CUSAT-CAT.

Robotics courses in important institutions

Our robotic workshop experiences related to students

Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar, our expert faculty, has conducted more than 100 workshops all over in Maharashtra in different schools and colleges. While conducting the workshop in metropolitan cities, we noticed that the students of 7th-10th standard are more curious about robotics rather than the current students of engineering colleges.

Vidyasagar Sir Says…

Today’s world is full of automation. Every now and then, even the minuscule development in science and technology is making our surrounding things easier and easier. About two decades back, there was the time, when a TV didn’t have remote control. There were simple B&W TVs with which the common people were satisfied enough. People were so contended that time, that they even used to watch “DOORDARSHAN-RANGOLI” on B&W TV…!!!

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But, you know, the developers of technology don’t stop! They never stop! They invented the color TV and it came with a remote control, too.

In my view, this “remote control” in itself is the beginning of the modern era of automation. With the invention of remote control, people became lazy and today it is almost incredible to imagine a TV without remote control. Do you see the crux…?

If you ask me I would rather say that this is a kind of vicious circle. The more will be the automation, the more the people would be lazy. And the more the people would be lazy the more would be the demand of automation! It, therefore, seems that the automation doesn’t have or cannot have an end…!

Do you get it now, what am I driving at…? Yes! You are right…! One day, this automation would eventually and surely expand into a highly modern society which would be entirely served by the intelligent and efficient humanoid robots. – have you seen the movies “SURROGATES”? The plot created on Rosamund Pike and Bruce Willis? Or “THE NAKED SUN”? The murder case tackled by Elijah Baley in the SFs of Isaac Asimov? It’s simply awful. Unless you really watch it, you can truly become the curious student of robotics!

Well, it’s different. What I just wanted to say that it is good that you’ve start learning robotics. But don’t just keep it as a hobby in itself. Try to develop it on your own. It’s a coming thing! Believe me!

For this generation, which you are living in now, it’s surely going to be a boon for your futuristic career development. No matter, what may come, if you are sticking to either electronics, mechanical or computer engineering trade in any way, the knowledge of robotics would be so helpful to you. I could bet on that…!

So…? Happy learning!

Always remember: When you ask a question, you may look stupid. But if you don’t ask, you will remain stupid…! Always!