Arduino UNO: Ultrasonic Sensor Basic Project

With this project you will be able to control an LED and a buzzer connected to your Arduino UNO. The detailed connection diagram is given below: Lab Tested Code The lab tested code is given below. You can also download the text file of this code. Copy the complete code and then paste it into…

Online Test: Opamp

Introduction of the chapter An operational amplifier (opamp)is a versatile device which can be used to amplify AC as well as DC signals. It is manufactured in the form of integrated circuit package. It can perform different mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, integration,taking the derivative, comparison, etc. Hence it is known as operational amplifier. The…

Online Test:Transducers

Introduction of the chapter Definition: Transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into another form. There are two types of transducers:active transducer and passive transducer. The active transducer generates its own electrical voltage during conversion. Thus, it does not require any battery supply for conversion(e.g. solar cell, thermocouple etc.). In passive transducer,…

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Advantages of using WordPress 5.0

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LCD Arduino connection diagram

Arduino: Basic LCD Display Messaging

You can display two different messages on 16×2 LCD display using Arduino UNO dev. board. For that you need to do the proper connections


Arduino: Basic Servo Control

With this code, you will be able to control simple servo motor using Arduino UNO. Connect the servo motor as shown below, with your Arduino UNO dev. board…