Bifocal electronics teaching methodologies

I’ve been teaching this subject since 1990 at RLT College of Science, Akola. My first textbook was the Applied Electronics textbook for 12th std. students. Then I wrote number of books for bifocal electronics students.

After my first year of being teacher in the college, I realized that the basic concepts of many topics in different books recommended in the syllabus of HSC Board. All those books were good, but only for my brightest students. What about those, who were average or below average in my class? This is because I was teaching any student that passed through my doors.

So with deep thinking and applying profound logic, studying my observations, I started scaffolding my teaching strategy. I started to teach with different methodologies, better and better. This made a magic! I observed that when I teach a theory topic using practical methodology, then the basic concepts of the topic surely fall in the orbit of understanding of average and even below average student.

Hence from that very day on, I teach every topic through its practical approach first and then explain the theory part of it.

Thus I have been making up my own worksheets, practical apparatus, models, illustrative diagrams, etc. for my own teaching strategy and methodologies, to correlate with my teaching and topic presentation.

As I told, I practiced this methodology since then, till today, so now I have got a huge collection of it. Many of my subject colleagues suggested me to write a complete volume of this collection, so I have started working on it and soon such workbook will be available for free downloading, to all my students, on this website.

May I add here, that when I started using LCD projector, the results came out to be unbelievable…! So I will suggest using such AV aids, to those teachers, who do not use them in their teaching, yet. It will surely give you great result, appreciation, complete satisfaction of teaching and respect, as well…!

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