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This is a very important online exam for the students who want to join 11-12th Coaching at Vidyasagar Academy or to test your skill in basic electronics.

There are 10 random questions displayed below. Try to solve each of them. If you score more than 40% marks in this exam, you are invited to join Vidyasagar Academy for further study in Electronics.

The correct answers will be displayed when you submit the test. The explanation to each answer is also given at the end of the test.

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1. If a bulb is operating on 200V DC and using electric current of 1A, then the electric power dissipated in the bulb will be –


2. The internal resistance of an ideal battery is –


3. When number of batteries are connected in series following the order of their polarity as shown in the following diagram, then the total voltage will be –


4. As per Ohm’s Law, which of the following equation is correct?


5. __________ is a device which can store electric energy in the form of potential difference across its two ends.
Note: This is multiple choice question.


6. Suppose a current of 10mA (pronounced as milli amperes) is flowing through a wire. Then in calculations it is converted into its basic units as –


7. The internal resistance of ideal current source is –


8. The unit of electric current is –


9. The unit of potential different is –


10. The unit of frequency is –


11. If number of resistors R1, R2, R3 etc. are connected in series, as shown below, then the total resistance of the circuit will be –


12. The PN junction diode is _______ current device.


13. The circuit in which current flows is called as ___________.


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