Arduino UNO Single Blinking LED

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This program will help you understand the working of Arduino UNO that how it glows the inbuilt LED connected to pin-13 on the development board of Arduino UNO.

How to use given program?

  • First open the Arduino Software, by double clicking its shortcut icon, on your desktop.
  • Click on File and then NEW to create new file for this program.
  • Now copy the following program and then paste it into your Arduino Software new file.
  • Press Ctrl-S on the keyboard of your PC to save the program.
  • Now connect the Arduino UNO development board to your PC with data cable given to you.
  • Click on Tools in the menu of Arduino UNO software and then PORT.
  • Select the given COM port as shown by your PC. It may be COM3, COM4 or something like that.
  • Then click on UPLOAD button to upload your program into Arduino UNO dev. board.
  • Wait for some time and the observe the LED on it.
  • It will start blinking as per the rate given in the program.
  • Now finally try changing the delay(1000); value to different values and observe the working of the LED.
  • So wish you happy programming…!

Tested Code

Copy the following program and then paste it into your Arduino Software New File.

 * Single Blinking LED program for Arduino UNO
 * Date: 24.11.2018
 * Vidyasagar Academy, Akola

int LED=13; // The variable LED is assigned to pin-13

void setup() // Here we define the output or input pin
  pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); // defined pin-13 as output pin

void loop() // infinite loop to produce continuous action
  digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); // LED will become ON
  delay(1000); // it will remain ON for 1 second
  digitalWrite(LED, LOW); // LED will become OFF
  delay(1000); // it will remain OFF for 1 second
  // after this last line the program will start again
  // and again to repeat the blinking of the LED 
  // up to infinity.

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