Advantages of using WordPress 5.0

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Have you updated your WordPress hosted website to the latest WordPress 5.0 update? No? Then you are missing quite a lot!

The latest update of WordPress 5.0 is just stunning. It is going to create a great revolution in editing and publishing your posts with great presentation styles. 

It is very easy to use! This very post you are reading is created with WordPress 5.0 new editor. See the above red strip, with drop cap? Its created in WordPress with just 2 clicks of mouse. No boring html coding is necessary.

I am actually a beginner to use and work with the monotonous coding in html and php and all that…! But with this stunning new update of WP its such an easy task to decorate your web pages and present your thoughts, articles, news in brilliantly new style.

You see this stunning quote!

Its created in seconds with only one click of mouse. Want to create such beautiful blocks on your website. Then just login to your WP Dashboard on your website and update to WordPress 5.0. Its superb…!

This is the Pullquote. Its just a single click away from you!

Isn’t it beautiful…???

WordPress offers you to insert columns directly with just a single click. And you can apply block of columns, you can apply CSS also.

The columns width is automatically adjusted during typing. No need to go for boring code with html or php. You can also change the background color and text color very easily.

Actually you can apply CSS to any block you like. Just with a few clicks of mouse, your web page can be decorated in infinite different combinations. In this block I have applied my own design of CSS.

Add widget in page or post

Scribbler Robot

Image with left align style. Great! Isn’t it…!

Another image with right align style

This is the example of a verse...!

You can also insert page break also. This is going to end the use of POST SERIES PLUGINS. 

So finally…!

Just rush to login to your WordPress Dashboard and update to WordPress 5.0. Don’t forget to write Google Review about us.

So happy blogging…!

Dear WordPress! All these things are beautiful…! But may I ask you how to change the page template settings in this new update? I wanted to publish this post with FULL PAGE TEMPLATE, which is included in my Theme, but could not find the option. Please help me WP…! I know you are great…!

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    December 7, 2018, 4:31 PM

    Wow! That’s a great article. I must rush to try this. Thanks.