November 2018


Arduino: Basic Servo Control

With this code, you will be able to control simple servo motor using Arduino UNO. Connect the servo motor as shown below, with your Arduino UNO dev. board…

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Fading LED with Arduino

Arduino: Fading LED

This program will give you the control of changing the brightness of externally connected LED to your Arduino UNO dev. board.

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Arduino UNO

Arduino: Multi Style Blinking LED

In this program we will learn to blink the single LED on Arduino UNO board in different styles. Copy this program and paste into your new file.

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Arduino UNO: Single Blinking LED

This program will help you understand the working of Arduino UNO that how it glows the inbuilt LED connected to pin-13 on the development board of Arduino UNO.

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8051 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement

The project of 8051 US Distance Measurement will help you measure the distance of object from the position of ultrasonic sensor. We suggest you to use dev. board of Vidyasagar Academy.

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Arduino UNO Tested Programs

This is the complete bundle of fully tested Arduino basic programs. Students can use these tested programs for their Arduino UNO kit freely.

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