June 2018

Learn Arduino Traffic Lights Controlling System

Learn how to write the code for Arduino Traffic Lights Controlling System. Join Vidyasagar Academy’s Arduino Robotics Course. Register your name, now:

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results of vidyasagar academy

Brilliant Results of Vidyasagar Academy 2018

Great success of Vidyasagar Academy students in 12th electronics HSC Board Exam 2018 Our 2 students secured: 193/200 marks 10 students: more than 185/200 marks 25 students: more than 180/200 marks Vidyasagar Academy wishes heartiest congratulations all our successful students….!!

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Arduino based servo control using potentiometer

You can control the servo motor with the help of single variable resistor i.e. a pot. For that you have connect the Arduino board and the necessary accessories as shown in the following connection diagram. Then use the following code, to control the motor by rotating the pot. /* Program of controlling servo with a…

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