February 2017

Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar News

Dattaraj Vidyasagar News about robotics in Daily Lokmat

The simple & effective teaching methodology developed by Dattaraj Vidyasagar is effectively helping students to study the basics of robotics. This news is published today in Daily Lokmat, below. His work in robotics was noticed by the American website and magazine EEWEB in last week and he was interviewed by the magazine. His interview is published…

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Robotics Basic Guide

This is the robotics basic guide for all beginner level students. To start your basic study in robotics, first of all you need to download and install following first two software i.e. Win AVR, AVR Studio4 in your computer. Download WinAVR Software Download AVR Studio4 The below given download is just a utility. Download it and…

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Interview taken by EEWEB

It was a great pleasure to give this news by us that one of our expert faculty was interviewed by the famous technically dedicated magazine of America: The EEWEB MAG. मी गेल्या ७-८ वर्षांपासून, ७ वी पासून ते इंजीनीरिंग पर्यंतच्या वेगवेगळ्या विद्यार्थ्यांना, विद्यासागर अकॅडेमीमध्ये, रोबोटिक्स हा विषय शिकवीत आहे. त्यांच्यामध्ये ह्या विषयाची आवड निर्माण करून…

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Guidelines for 12th Electronics Latecomer Students

Best article for the lazy students who just started the study of XII Standard Electronics (Subject: C2). Don’t miss it…! Read it completely! You will definitely find it very helpful…!– Vidyasagar Academy This article of “Best tips and guidelines for latecomer students of 12th standard” is for the students who think that… I have not…

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