July 2016

World Robot Olympiad WRO 2016 Robotics Competition

The robotics students of Vidyasagar Academy and other students from across India, have a great chance to participate in World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2016 Robotics Competition. Regional Competition – September 2016 National Competition – October 2016 International Competition – November 2016 All schools of CBSE & State Boards schools and colleges all over in India…

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Today we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary on the auspicious occasion of GURUPOURNIMA

5th Anniversary of Vidyasagar Academy

Today we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary on the auspicious occasion of GURUPOURNIMA. We wish all the best to all our students…!

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On 02 July, 2016 Robotics Study Club Competition was held in Jubilee English CBSE School. We are pleased to announce that PRATIK NARENDRA JOSHI from this school, secured 1st Prize in this competition. It was a tough competition and PRATIK’s robot traversed the given robotic track of an ‘8’ within record break timing of 11.3sec. YATHARTH BAJARE…

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How to write Pseudo Code for your robot?

What is Pseudo Code in Robotics? Pseudo code is a general purpose code which does not contain any C & C++ syntax (grammar), but it is written directly in simple English language for our understanding. At the beginners level a teacher of robotics always recommends to the student to write pseudo code for his robotics…

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Recommended diverted track for the given program

Vidyasagar Academy proudly announces Yantram Robotics Competition to be conducted in Jubilee English CBSE School, Kumbhari, Akola.

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