XII Chemistry Practicals Booklet

This is a practical experiments of 12th standard Chemistry Subject. You can download it for free, for the college submission of your Chemistry practical record book.

Important: In HSC Board chemistry practical exam of 12th standard, the student has to perform 3-4 experiments in combination of groups given below. All the readings and calculations are to be neatly written in the answer paper as per allotted combination by the internal examiner of your college.

Groups of Experiments

The 12th standard chemistry practicals are conducted as per following marking scheme. Students must note this marking scheme and write the practical experiments in HSC Board practical examination. So we suggest the student to prepare at least one experiment from each group. This will help the student write the details of allotted experiment and work out successfully.

  1. Volumetric analysis (10m) + Qualitative analysis (08m) + Functional group (02m) = 20 marks
  2. Volumetric analysis (10m) + Qualitative analysis (10m) = 20 marks
  3. Volumetric analysis (10m) + Physical Chem. long (10m) = 20 marks
  4. Volumetric analysis (10m) + Physical Chem. short (08m)+ Functional group (02m) = 20 marks

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