12th Electronics Marking Scheme

The Government of Maharashtra started Vocational Electronics (Bifocal Electronics) course at +2 level in 1978-79. But up to 1999 there were no revisions in its prescribed syllabus.

However, due to vast modernization and fast development in practical and theoretical electronics, it was reconsidered by the Board of HSC Examination, Pune; to revise the XI & XII syllabus in the year 1999-2000. Since then there are many such amendments and improvements in it.

The HSC Board has prescribed the following marking and weightage system for XI & XII standard examinations of both theory and practicals.

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Scheme of Marks for 11th & 12th Examinations

Paper-1 Applied Electronics, 50 marks, 03 hours
Paper-2 Digital Electronics, 50 marks, 03 hours
In annual practical exam, the student has to perform 2 experiments out of total 30 experiments, which he performed throughout the year.

Practical experiment Paper-1: 25 marks
Practical experiment Paper-2: 25 marks
After performing the experiment in annual practical examination, the student has to face oral examination, which will be conducted by external examiner.
Oral exam on experiment of paper-1: 05 marks
Oral exam on experiment of paper-2: 05 marks
The student has to construct one project (from any one topic of the syllabus) for which 40 marks are allotted by the internal examiner of the subject. Thus, the total marks distribution is as follows:
Theory: 50 + 50 = 100 marks
Practical: 25 + 05 + 25 + 05 + 40 = 100 marks

Chapter wise Marks Distribution

Paper I: Instruments – 15%, Power supplies – 20%, Transducers – 10%, Operational amplifiers – 25%, Modern electronics communication – 10%, Study of integrated circuits – 20%
Paper II: Number systems – 15%, Logic gates – 15%, Logic families – 10%, Combinational logic circuits – 20%, Flip flops – 20%, AD-DA converters – 12%, Computer fundamentals – 08%
(HSC Board paper has 70-30 ratio, i.e. 30% numerical problems and 70% theoretical questions.)

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